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Comments on tellows can be created on our desktop site, the mobile site, the tellows apps for Android and iPhone, as well as from our partner systems and applications. Our tellows partners also use the tellows database and provide more information about unknown phone numbers.

Would you like to become a partner? With our API, the tellows database can be integrated into any application. More information about our API can be found here: tellows API-Partnership Programm.

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Gigaset CL690A Smart Call Block
gigaset cl690a Protection against annoying calls with the Gigaset Smart Call Block! The dynamic system is constantly learning from the experience of many tellows users who rate callers. In this way, you always receive up-to-date, comprehensive protection through an intelligent, cloud-based service. The device checks unknown phone numbers against the ever-growing tellows online database and provides peace instead of advertising calls. A 2.4-inch color display, three integrated answering machines, an address book for up to 400 entries and services from the Gigaset Cloud make it even easier to use - for convenient everyday communication. The Gigaset CL690A Smart Call Block telephony device with a license for caller ID can be purchased in the tellows shop: ⤓ Go to Shop

tellows Call Protection for FRITZ!Box
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The call protection is now available at:
  • Amazon
  • Reichelt
  • Conrad
  • Völkner
  • Digitalo
The tellows landline spam protection guarantees a safe telephone experience at home. After integrating a blacklist in the FRITZ!Box, which contains all current dangerous telephone numbers, you can see at a glance who is calling. Incoming calls can be blocked by setting up a call barrier. The blacklist is automatically updated daily via a CardDAV server and keeps annoying advertising calls quiet for two years. The caller protection can be purchased in the tellows shop or in electronic stores. The call protection can be purchased in the ⤓ tellows Shop.

Phonalisa (tiptel 8010/8020)
phonalisa If you are using Phonalisa PBX with the tiptel 8010/8020 All-IP, you can use the tellows database to identify calls. The tellows score, a measurement to estimate the trustworthiness of telephone numbers, numbers can be easily identified and blocked. The Phonalisa PBX has an interface to the tellows database. In the rules for incoming calls, the tellows score can be selected and callers who have a negative score on tellows can be directed to a certain destination. This can be a mailbox text, which indicates the rejection of the phone number, but also an endless waiting loop without an exit. The API key for using the Phonalisa features can be purchased in the tellows shop: ⤓ Go to the Shop

janrufmonitor No matter if you have conventional telephone connection, T-Net connection, ISDN, VoIP or DSL telephony: With the installation of the appropriate variante of the jAnrufmonitor you can monitor all types of telephone lines and identify them using the tellows scoring. With the integration of the tellows call number scoring module into the jAnrufmonitor its functionality is expanded by all aspects of the tellows spam protection. Incoming calls are verified in real time using the tellows API and the tellows score is shown in the call monitor and highlighted in color using the tellows color logic (green = serious / red = dubious). In addition, the telephone numbers are enriched with the information "number of comments on tellows" and "search queries on tellows". This data suggests the activity and aggressiveness of a telephone number. Calls can be rated directly on tellows via the web interface. jAnrufmonitor Pro can be purchased as a subscription:: ⤓ Go to the Shop (German)

yext Those who use the PhoneMondo cloud service can now also benefit from tellows. To identify incoming calls PhoneMondo uses external sources that provide information about the origin of the caller. tellows provides information about possible spam calls and warns users. The tellows spam protection can be tested free for 30 days in PhoneMondo. A professional subscription is required for extended storage, all add-ons (including tellows data display and call protection) and more users / lines. The user can use an add-on to decide whether he/she would like the incoming calls to be checked automatically with the tellows database. The use of spam detection can be purchased directly from PhoneMondo: ⤓ Go to the Shop

yext Yext is an online marketing company from the USA. It helps companies all over the world to provide their content in the right places. With an extensive partner portfolio, Yext lists business information such as company addresses, opening times and services features and disseminates them on the Internet. Yext creates and maintains company entries for customers on tellows. More Information can be found on the ⤓ Homepage
11880 is an online portal for researching individuals, national and international companies in all industries. The German company for communication services offers, among other things, products for online marketing. This includes homepages, search engine advertising and the creation of business entries and ensures the visibility of its customers on the Internet. also creates company entries on and maintains them for its clients. Click here to search on ⤓ (German)

Aslo Information Technologies
aslo Aslo is a Mexican company that fights telephone terrorism. With a focus on solutions for business customers Aslo integrates its services into telephone systems in order to prevent fraudulent calls and spam. Aslo uses the data from the tellows community to provide a caller ID for its customers in order to protect them from annoying advertising calls. Aslos mission is to encourage responsible use of technology. They want to contribute to a world where everyone can communicate securely and reach their goals without being disturbed by spam calls. The Homepage of ⤓ Aslo

tellows Partner Apps

#SCB • Caller ID & Blocker
Erhältlich im App Store Identify and block unwanted calls. The #SCB app uses the tellows database to identify unknown numbers. Therefore spam numbers like robocalls, telemarketers and advertising can be identified before the user picks up the phone and saves you lots of time. If you have been bothered by a number that has not been reported, you can add it to your blacklist and report it to warn others about this number as well. Additionally, you can put numbers on a personal whitelist. The app also allows you to filter and block incoming SMS messages. Main features: blocking and identifying incoming calls, recent caller identification support, number identification while typing, Messages app integration — filter undesired incoming text messages into a separate SMS-Junk folder, Regular database updates, Black- and whitelists The app is available for all devices using iOS 10 and higher and can be downloaded in the app store: ⤓ Download the App

Spam Block: Call, Text Blocker
Erhältlich im App Store Spam Block: Call, Text Blocker application can identify incoming calls by displaying the reported name, addresses and photos of the caller. Phone numbers of scammers and telemarketers can be blocked easily with its ID Blocker feature. You can have your own personal block list where you can simply add the numbers you'd like to block. The application also offers a function to identify and filter incoming SMS. Main Features: Blocking and identifying incoming calls, displaying name, address and photo of the caller, regularly database updates, personal block list, spam sms filter The app is available for all devices using iOS 11 and higher and can be downloaded in the app store: ⤓ Download the App

Erhältlich im App Store Nize is an easy-to-use app that uses the tellows database to identify and block unknown callers. Incoming calls are detected by an intelligent caller ID reader and registered using the call ID. After every call, you will be informed by a spam notification and you can easily block robocalls, ping calls and annoying surveys. Based on your call history you can create a personal blacklist based. Once you have placed a number on the blacklist, no more calls will be put through from that number and the caller has no chance of harassing you in the future. The app is available for all devices with Android 4.4 and higher.⤓ Download the App

More about the tellows products

In addition to the tellows apps and website, tellows offers many more features. tellows regularly presents tips on spam protection in the blog and magazine, develops solutions for the landlines and provides access to the database for partners via the API.