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Step 3: Blacklist 09072375687

There are multiple ways how to deal with unwanted calls. One is to put your number on an official do-not-call-list.
The service is offered in different countries and will help reduce unwanted advertising or marketing calls. Nevertheless, there will still be companies calling you illegally, even if your number is on such a do-not-call list. Inform yourself about the possibilities of contacting a consumer protection organization in your country.

Furthermore, it is recommended to inform your provider about the reception of unsolicited calls. Not only may they provide the caller’s phone number – if it was blocked during the call – but they also may have a way to blacklist a certain amount of phone numbers in their system. The extent of such a feature and whether it is free or fee-based varies from provider to provider. Highly developed phone systems offer blacklist features as well to block spam numbers. However, this will not eliminate all spam calls you receive, but it helps to decrease them. Since the number of spammers is constantly increasing, it won’t be possible to block all spam numbers. A blacklist feature is offered by Fritzbox.

There are also applications for your mobile devices to identify who calls you before you pick up the phone. The tellows app utilizes the tellows score to categorize numbers according to their level of trustworthiness. Whereas incoming calls from serious numbers are not effected, calls from a phone rated as untrustworthy will be marked by the application.

The tellows app is currently available in: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Sweden.
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